Eating style Ketogenic 

  • at present The trend of weight loss continues to change every year. as well as fashion trends The new trend of eating to help lose weight is gaining popularity is Ketogenic Diet (Ketogenic Diet), also known as Keto Diet (Keto Diet). The more you eat, the more fat you get, the more weight you lose!

  • What is this eating? How can fat help burn fat itself? Helps to lose weight quickly Is it true and why? Therefore, we would like to summarize for those who want to try diet by eating fatty foods without feeling guilty like other weight loss methods.

What is the Ketogenic Diet ?


  • Ketogenic diet is a diet that emphasizes high fat content. followed by protein By reducing carbohydrates to a very small amount. Minimize the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. Instead, replace it with both vegetable and animal fats.

Will eating fat really help you lose weight ?

  • How to eat fat to burn fat? Is it true!? The answer is when we dramatically reduce our intake of carbohydrates and sugar. Our amazing body used to use blood glucose from foods such as carbohydrates and sugars for energy. The body needs to find a source. other energy to replace That is, it comes from fat. This process produces a metabolic state called ketosis, producing a substance called ketone in the liver. The body and brain may feel weak. Tired easily, bad breath, but will gradually adjust until the fat and ketones can be used as energy more efficiently instead of carbohydrates. or simply call Is to turn the body into a machine that burns fat into energy itself.

 How to eat ? 

  • If you want to start a ketogenic diet. It's important to know that your carbohydrate intake is very low.

  • by eating fats and oils Which is good news for people who like to eat it. But it must be fat that comes from nature. both plants and animals Try to eat different fats at the same time, such as meat fat, lean meat, vegetable fat, butter, cheese, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, legumes, etc. You can also choose to eat meat and eggs. but in the right amount focus on eating vegetables especially green leafy vegetables can eat dairy foods (But avoid drinking milk) with emphasis on non-fat varieties. Therefore, we can order coffee with real cream (real cream, not coffeemate), but this does not include cheesecake, bubble tea, iced tea or leisure time. It's probably nuts and grains like macadamias or almonds that are both greasy and tasty.

What to avoid !!

  • Avoid foods high in carbohydrates and sugar, such as rice and starches. Whether it's barley, wheat, rye, corn, oats, etc., as well as rice that we eat every day as well. (including porridge and porridge) and rice products such as pasta, pizza, cookies, bread, cakes, etc., if possible. Keep in mind that we're cutting back on carbs. You should also avoid processed foods like sausages, pork sausages, and meatballs, as they often contain synthetic additives. to starch that is often part of the production One important thing we can't forget is trans fats. Because although eating Ketogenic will focus on eating fat. But it should be fat that comes from animal fats. Or plants such as avocados, etc. In addition, the line often thinks that To lose weight, eat fruit juice instead. But keep in mind that fruits and juices are often high in sugar. Especially pineapple juice, watermelon, banana or ripe mango. Including dried, preserved and pickled fruits as well. Should eat in moderation or very little is better.

  from the foregoing I want ketogenic disciples You should be convinced that your body is in good health with this line. and should go for a health check as well as consult a doctor Or seek advice from a nutritionist first to be safe.

          But one thing we recommend to reduce the beautiful figure. healthy slim And correct nutrition must choose to eat a variety of foods from all 5 groups and in moderation, focusing on fruits and vegetables that are not very sweet, reduce sweet, salty, together with regular exercise. get enough rest Refresh your mind, not stress.